After my comeback from army service, i lose a lot of "friends". But real friends stay with me. BIG THANK YOU for them.

ICIE - my sweet sister. Nice webmistress, nice man, nice friend. With ICIE i started making webs. Currently is she in USA as AuPair. :( She have some pages, so I placed here the homepage

FILLY - my second sister. She's one of the best! I have rest for her. THANK YOU FILLY for a lot of things and situations and i'm sorry for all things what i did in the past! ;-) no page

PHP GURU - my "right arm". Web maniac as me. We are chefs in my group. No more comments. Page are preparing... coming soon...

PATRIK - man from TV which is as my older brother. He known all about me and i know all about him. page under construction

KRYSTAL - my best friend. We have a lot of things same. Cars, girls, music, cars, girls, music, cars ... no page

and the best on the end...

REN - my girlfriend. She is all for me. She has my heart. I LOVE YOU REN!